Call for Agroecology Projects

August 2022

SYNERGIA RANCH, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Synergia Ranch is located between I-25 (La Cienega exit) and Highway 14 off CR 45 (Bonanza Creek Road). The operation has been certified organic by CCOF since 2000 and includes a 400-tree fruit orchard with a mix of peaches, apples and pears, and two vegetable growing areas, totaling over one half acre.

The orchard, planted in the 1970s, has been certified organic since 2002 and the vegetable/herb operation has been certified since 2010. Synergia Ranch Organic has received the Good Earth award at the annual New Mexico Organic Farmers Conference and is members of the NM Farmers Marketing Association and Cruces Creatives, the latter which has sponsored workshops at the farm.

The vegetable farm uses a no-till, and predominantly no-dig, approach with application of compost each year. The main vegetable grower area has 72 standard beds, 2.5 ft wide x 60 ft long. In addition there is 600’ of irrigated fenceline for growing up. 

Synergia Ranch Organic has a conservation plan with NRCS Equip program and has received some funding for 2023 improvements, and a small grant from the Healthy Soils Project with the NMDA.

We are seeking proposals for projects for regenerative land, agroecology, agroforestry, and healthy food production for the community in which this farm/orchard complex could serve as a base for application. 

If you have a project that could manifest in this space, please send letter of inquiry to Deborah Snyder, Phone 505 603 5822. 

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