Traditional New Mexico Meets Conscious Construction

Private and Shared Rooms,
Dormitories, Camping Facilities

15 Classic Adobe Rooms


4 Acres of Gorgeous Camping

Staying at Synergia Ranch is Both Cozy and Invigorating
This space was created for Once in a Lifetime Experiences
Our Rooms

Sustainable Santa Fe Style


Western Tanager

Pinon Room

Spotted Towee Room

Finch Room

Juniper Room

Road Runner

Packages Include In Season Fresh, Organic Food
Local From Our Own Synergia Farm
As Local As It Gets

From Farm

Synergia Ranch started its orchard in 1976 on a wind-swept high desert plateau south of Santa Fe. Now thirty years later, the four hundred fruit trees planted (apples, peaches, apricots, pears, cherries and plums) have flourished.
Food for Thought

To Table

We feed up to 70 people a day, with love, and our local, in season organic produce. Our talented and versatile chef Margaret Augustine prepares delicious meals and can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions including vegetarian and vegan.
Our favorite retreat of the year … with amazing food and powerful land magic at Synergia Ranch.
Lisa Wimberger


What a gorgeous place to be together! Being on such sacred land, having the space to ourselves, feeling the nature, I know for myself that I felt deeply. Sometimes in this crazy world I can forget what mother earth means. And here I felt it. I had a mother holding me all weekend.
Ann Bradney

Radical Aliveness

If you’re ready to discuss bringing your group to Synergia Ranch, reach out with any questions. We would love to hear from you!

Please note that our retreat center is for group events and gatherings. We do not book single rooms for individuals or couples.

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